Hey Hey,

My Name's Barb Tulit, after both my great grandmas,kinda love that. I'm a California Native who's living in the midwest now with my husband, Dusty, and our three cats. because when there's a kitten to adopt how do you say no. Whenever there is an opportunity to travel we do our best to make it happen. Preferably to the coast because our love for that land runs deep. And if there isn't an opportunity we try to make onE!

I want my photography to feel like a treasure. Like the time we sifted through slides with my nana and admired the stories she captured. photos that arent super posed or overly polished. Those warm, in between moments, Thats what I'm all about.




Pop Music. Black Coffee. A good dance party. 
Fresh picked strawberries. Beach Day. Yoga.
My fam. Outdoor Markets. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos.